Training on Kangaroo Mother Care and Exclusive Breastfeeding

Training on Kangaroo Mother Care and Exclusive Breastfeeding

Amici della Neonatologia (ANT) from Trento, Italy, long term partner of Day One Health in the implementation of the programs that support intensive newborn care in Asia, organized a training in Vietnam for Provincial and District level hospitals. The training was done in Hanoi between 23 and 25 October, 2019, and the main trainers were two Italian experts from the main Hospital in Trento (Santa Chiara): Cologna Marina and Pallaver Annalisa. The main subject of the training was the promotion of kangaroo mother care (KMC), a practice that encourages mothers to keep their babies skin-to-skin during the period immediately after birth, which promotes faster healing of pathologic children and stimulates neurological development. The course also promoted exclusive breastfeeding and other important skills for the care of the healthy and pathologic newborns. The course was highly appreciated by the participants, who will now bring this new knowledge back to their centers for a more appropriate and child-centered newborn care in an effort to further reduce infant mortality in Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-25 October 2019

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