Testimonial from Nepal

Testimonial from Nepal

“Primi is a 24 years old mother, that gave birth to her first child. She came to our hospital (District Hospital Syangja) as a referred case from Waling Primary Hospital: her baby was born at term, but with Meconium Stained Syndrome, and fetal bradycardia. After the mother received Oxytocin, it was possible to proceed with the delivery, but when the baby was born he had to be moved immediately to the radiant warmer, with immediate oral and nasal suction. The baby did not cry even after stimuli, turned rapidly blue and with a heart rate of less than 100bpm on auscultation. Promptly, the baby was reanimated with bag and mask resuscitator. Luckily, the baby turned rapidly pink with some difficult respiration. He was moved to the Special Newborn Care Unit, and kept in radiant warmer with oxygen, iv Ampicillin and Amikacin and expressed milk of the mother. He gradually improved over the following days and discharged on his 5th day of life. Our District Hospital Syangja has now been equipped since last year with a complete suite of MTTS medical devices (Phototherapy machines for Jaundice, Infant Warmers, etc) that allow us to provide a high standard of care for most of the premature infants. We also received training and continuous support from the Day One Health team”

Dr. Narayan Godar, District Hospital Syangja

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