Testimonials of two nurses from Nepal

Testimonials of two nurses from Nepal

We report the testimony of two nurses who participated in the training course on intensive newborn care a Pokhara in Nepal.

Ms. Shristi Ojha, RN

“Hello, I’m a healthcare worker currently serving in a health institution in a rural region of Nepal. Despite having birthing centres, in absence of proper skills, equipment, preventive measures to avoid infection, we were having difficulties in providing quality services to newborn babies and their mothers. Amidst of this global Covid pandemic, however we got the chance to participate in a training course on “Intensive newborn care”, an event promoted by ANT (Italy) in collaboration with Day One Health (USA) and co-financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy.We gained the knowledge and skills regarding the methods of resuscitation in newborns according to their health conditions at birth, preventive measures to avoid sepsis in newborn, timely identification of sepsis in newborn clinically and via screening tools, the life-threatening medical conditions that a newborn can come across (Jaundice, Respiratory Distress) and the basic management skills at rural level. We are very grateful to Professor Dr. Shree Krishna Shrestha, Associate Professor Dr. Ram Chandra Bastola and Nursing Officer Sabitri Neupane for providing so many upgraded information regarding advanced care for newborns. At last, a special thanks goes to Mr. Narendra Shrestha for organizing in Nepal such a fruitful training course. We hope to be able to provide more quality services to the newborns and mothers attending the birthing center of our institution. Thank you very much!”


Ms. Pabitra Lamsal, RN

“I am Pabitra Lamsal, a healthcare worker from Nepal. I am one of luckiest person because I had the chance to attend a training course on Intensive Newborn Care, promoted by ANT Italy and Day One Health (USA), with financial contribution from the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy. The training was utterly superb, done at the right time and more informative so we enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extraordinarily informative and relevant, and I think that it has given me precious guidelines for taking care of newborn baby, either pathologic or healthy ones. I will do my best for the care of newborns. Thank you for all your words of encouragement to our front line. Especially thanks goes to Dr. Shreekrishna Shrestha, Dr. Ramchandra Bastola and Ms. Sabitri Neupane and Mr. Narendra Shrestha and all members of ANT Italy and Day One Health.”



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