Training in Specialized Newborn Care in Nepal

Training in Specialized Newborn Care in Nepal

Doctors and nurses from several government hospitals in Nepal have been invited to attend a Specialized Training in Neonatal Care for 3 days, from 5 to 7 November 2019. The training, part of the Day One Health global program in the promotion of appropriate and sustainable newborn care, was promoted by Amici della Neonatologia Trentina – ANT (long term partner of Day One Health in Asia) and implemented with the co-financing of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy. The trainers were Dr. Ermanno Baldo and Dr. Giuseppe Menna, from Italy.  On the first day of the training, the main subjects were neonatal infections and management, prevention of nosocomial infections, peripheral line management, neonatal respiratory complications, targeting and toxicity of oxygen, and respiratory therapy. During the second day of training, the focus was on the early detection and treatment of Hyperbilirubinemia and the use of Phototherapy equipment. On the last day of training, the focus was on hypothermia management, use of infant warmers and kangaroo mother care. The training was implemented with a practical, participative and hands-on approach, and was very much appreciated by all participants. The participants had the opportunity to learn key lessons in highly specialized neonatal care in order to reduce the neonatal mortality rate in the hospital in Nepal in the near future, also thanks to the equipment donated by the program that was installed in each hospital.

Pokhara (Nepal), 5-7 November 2019

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